I have a name that you gave me, and one that I gave myself,
but there is one that is known only to God.

I Am Kasey

kasey G1

My friends call me Kasey. However, most of my family calls me Kenny, a nickname of which I am not terribly fond. They have known me as that for a long time, indubitably. So, I begrudgingly accept their disinclination to care about my feelings regarding this matter. Besides, I have been called a lot worse.

To further confuse things, I do not think of time as being linear. As such, I do not acknowledge birthdays, per se. Instead, I recognize cyclic occurrences that I refer to as personality days. Consequently, there is no point to sharing ages. But, if you think that linear time is important, then I would be a middle-aged bull (Taurus), in your reality.

As a child, we moved around frequently, all around Atlanta GA. I started school at Doraville Elementary. The photo is me in grade 01.

I presently live in the mountains of north Georgia, specifically on Fort Mountain, about 18 km northeast of Ellijay, Georgia (USA). I went to High School here. So, I consider this my hometown. To find it on a map, you will need to search about 150 km north of Atlanta.

I graduated from Georgia State University with a BA in Sociology. My area of training is the symbolic-interaction perspective. I also minored in philosophy and religion, which would have been my major had it been a bit more "practical". Because I love playing with words, including writing poetry, I like to think of myself as a philosopher poet.

I currently am retired from the hospitality industry and now work on websites. I supposedly live with a variety of critters in my grandparent's old house, but at the moment, I am living in the house of my youth, just above the other. Both houses adjoin the Chattahoochee National Forest (more or less). Though many would consider us "in the woods", a two-lane highway runs mere meters in front of my home. So, I have a bit of both nature and civilization, depending on whether I am looking out the front door or the back door.

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